Christmas At My House


A Christmas Compilation Album I produced with the help of some of my favorite R&B Artists. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. So I Produced a Christmas Album dedicated to the season. I pray the spirit of love fills your heart every time you listen to this Masterpiece. Christmas at My House!

  1. Let’s Celebrate (Feat: the real Rude Boys)
  2. Bring It Down (Feat: Nevaeh
  3. Be My Gift (Feat: Kev Blaze)
  4. Christmas Ain’t The Same Without You (Feat: Meelah of 702)
  5. Have A Merry Christmas (Feat Jazz Of Dru Hill)
  6. God’s Grace (Feat: Angie Stone)
  7. Christmas At My House (Kut Klose)
  8. One wish (Feat The Real Rude Boys)
  9. Flying Home For Christmas (Feat: Sheena Robinson & Monay)
  10. Silent Night (Feat: Max C’)
  11. It’s Christmas (Feat: Joey Beans & Erica Thompson)
  12. Twelve Days Of Christmas (Feat Sean Hardin)
  13. Holiday Music (Feat: J.Dub)
  14. This Christmas (Feat: The Real Rude Boys)
  15. *Bonus Track-Christmas Time At The Walker House (Composed by J.Dub)
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10 Song Christmas Album. Produced by: J.Dub

Christmas at My House (Feat: Kut Klose)


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