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Artist Development

We believe in developing an artist before releasing them into the Music Business. If an artists isn’t prepared and knows the nessecary knowledge, protocol, and lingo in this business they will be left in the dust quick. Dubzworld has helped several artists develop and enter the Music Business, and now they are flourishing and have the necessary skills to take their dream to the next level of success.

How does a artist get ready to begin their journey in this Music Business? With a 4 week boot camp of studio, marketing & music business class/sessions with 3X ASCAP Award Multi-Platinum Music Producer J.Dub. J.Dub takes the artist through sessions in where they learn studio protocol, how to record, singing and breathing techniques, digital marketing, music production, music production lingo, how to make the most of studio time, what to expect from their producer, song splits, how to get set up with PROs, how to select a team (Lawyer, Management, Producer, Publicist, Accountant), how to become their own label, digital marketing, how to release their music to their fans themselves without a middle man (label), retain a larger amount of sells, and most importantly retain ownership in their own company.

If this is something you are interested in leave your email and someone will get back to you promptly.

Here are a few of the artists Dubzworld Productionz has produced, mentored, and developed….

Artists: Monay, Demetria McKinney, Cristy Quinones, and Loren Marie.

Monay Demetria McKinney Christina Quonones

Loren Marie