Dubzworld Stems

Dubzworld Stems
Each volume contains stems from each track, and also loop edits Produced by J.Dub & his team of Music Producers. All in wave format to cut, chop, speed up, slow down, reverse, distort, and or mix however the hell you like! J.Dub says: It’s the future of ‘Diggin In The Crates’ aka Sampling.

Dubzworld stems are broken down like this: Each track is a stem. Each stem is a separate track within the loop. The possibilities are endless. And each volume J.Dub gets you stared with over 10 loop variation ideas. You can speed up, slow down, reverse, distort, and chop however the hell you like! Stems load seamlessly into all DAWs. A great way to get ahead start on any track or song idea. Dubzworld stems also give you the ability to customize and make your own stems because each volume comes with each individual track in the stem. Yep, it’s a lot of fun!

Dubzworld Stems Vol 1.

Dubzworld Stems Vol 4.

Dubzworld Stems Vol 7.

Dubzworld Stems Vol 9.

Dubzworld Stems Vol 10.

Dubzworld Stems vol 11.

Dubzworld Stems Vol 6.

Dubzworld Stems Vol 15.